Friday, October 26, 2007

Paper Ghosts

Mia was busy creating the other day and came up with this. I thought it was very clever. Instead of the traditional paper snowflakes she made ghosts. The only thing, she must not have been able to find a glue stick!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


To "Boo" someone you first need a little bag filled with anything from candy to candles, anything fun and inexpensive. Then you hang and little note on the bag saying that "You've been Boo'd". Also include the little poem about being "Boo"d and the instructions to keep it going. It's a fun fall activity to do to friends or neighbors. The "rules" state to do it to 2 people but you may just end up doing many more!

We've Moved

The fonts I used on this card are Impact as well as CK Becky. It is Becky Higgins font and was a free download from

Welcome, Baby

Happy Birthday!

The background paper I used was a free kit download from and is called Sun Porch by Amy Teets. It is for personal use only.