Friday, November 23, 2007

Paper Wreath

We finished these yesterday and they turned out so cute! We bought the small wreaths and I think they took around 12 sheets of 12x12 paper. If it's double sided paper it looks the best (as opposed to white on the back side). Cardstock will work but it creases easier than the thinner patterned paper.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Christmas Card Ideas

I'm always searching around for Christmas card ideas and this year is no different. So, in the event that I can give any inspiration I thought I'd post our cards from the last few years. I just designed a card for a friend of mine (maybe she'll let me post it after the holidays...she had cute kids and great photos to work with!) It's getting me thinking about what to do. I may have to drag my family out for some photos later!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Christmas Craft

Every Thanksgiving the VH crew is together the girls do some kind of craft. It seems to usually be a wreath of some sort. One year we painstakingly made the Martha Stewart cranberry wreaths with real cranberries and toothpicks. Since those only lasted 1 season we decided to dehydrate the cranberries the next year and hot glue them to the wreath so we could keep it year after year. Last year we made live succulent wreaths.
This year we are having Thanksgiving here and I'm trying to come up with a craft. I think we are going to make these paper wreaths (what else!). Mia, Holly and I are experimenting right now to see how they'll work but so far they're pretty easy and turning out pretty cute. I saw the idea in the December issue of Creating Keepsakes.
We found some great Christmas Scenic Route paper at the scrapbook store. You have to cut them into 6x1 inch strips, make a loop and staple the bottom then glue them to the wreath (we've been hot gluing them to make it go a little faster). Mia wants to make one out of school colors as a Christmas gift for her teacher. We'll post a picture of a finished product once we get that far! :)