Sunday, April 26, 2009

A fun twist to the usual scavenger hunt

It was coming up on my daughters 10th birthday and I wanted to come up with a fun "activity" for her and a few friends to do together.  Being a mom who loves her camera I LOVED this article I read in May's Creating Keepsakes by Candice Stringham, Family Photo Scavenger Hunt and wondered how I could adapted it for a bunch of 4th grade girls. I ended up with a list of about 15 things and sent them out with cameras in hand.  I downloaded the photos they took and printed them at home,  gave them each a little album from my LSS for them to put their photos in and away they went.  The end result was great but the most fun was watching them run around finding everything they needed a picture of and then seeing all their different "points of view" through their lenses.  
Deciding where to go next for the next item.
Dress up like a Star Wars character and have your picture taken with one.

Take a picture of flowers.

Take a picture of a chick (the neighbors had just gotten some)
Take a picture with the Birthday Girl.

Take a picture of someone jumping on a trampoline.
Take a picture of a dog...thanks for posing Roxy!
Working the next morning on their albums.

The finished product!  
Thanks to all our great neighbors for letting these crazy girls run around the neighborhood taking pictures in their yards!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Baby, Baby, Baby!

I have a new niece who's just ADORABLE!   And because she's my niece she has to put up with an aunt who's got a camera in her face A LOT! 
I had to throw in one of my new favorite pictures of the family "quads" :)  that I took that day.  
My boys and their cousin who was born around their due date.
And with a new baby comes baby announcements.  I'm always up for making birth announcements.  If you need announcements or invites of any kind, let me know!
And with a new niece I thought a new project was in order.  I saw these adorable t-shirts last year and then again a couple weeks ago over at Elizabeth Karchners blog and have been wanting to do these onesies for a long time.  I finally got around to making some.  Shhhh, if you see my sister-in-law, don't tell her, I haven't given them to her yet!  :)
 Spring just seems to make me want to do new things! Lets see what this week brings.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Time for a new project

Do you ever feel like you need a little something new on your walls?  This was a quick and inexpensive little pick-me-up that my walls needed.  I used 5 (8x10) canvas'.  They are the thin ones that I picked them up at Michael's.  I painted them black and added my photos using Mod Podge.  That's the quick and easy part.  Now to the optional part.  You can add individual photos on each canvas or you can try what I did.  Here's my original photo (posted above).  I opened it in Photoshop and cropped it into a 40"x8" photo and then cut it into 5 equal 8"x10" photos, sent the images over to Costco so I could pick them up right away and get my project finished.Here's the fun part for YOU!  You can either do this yourself  if you like it and then post a link so we can all enjoy your creation OR if you don't have Photoshop or not sure how to use it I'm offering to do some cropping for you.  If you may be interested in option #2 I'll be back with more details soon!

And there's a whole new group of Photoshop Element pros out there! :) I finished another class last night and wanted to say "hi" to any of you stopping by!