Sunday, April 19, 2009

Baby, Baby, Baby!

I have a new niece who's just ADORABLE!   And because she's my niece she has to put up with an aunt who's got a camera in her face A LOT! 
I had to throw in one of my new favorite pictures of the family "quads" :)  that I took that day.  
My boys and their cousin who was born around their due date.
And with a new baby comes baby announcements.  I'm always up for making birth announcements.  If you need announcements or invites of any kind, let me know!
And with a new niece I thought a new project was in order.  I saw these adorable t-shirts last year and then again a couple weeks ago over at Elizabeth Karchners blog and have been wanting to do these onesies for a long time.  I finally got around to making some.  Shhhh, if you see my sister-in-law, don't tell her, I haven't given them to her yet!  :)
 Spring just seems to make me want to do new things! Lets see what this week brings.

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Wubben World said...

Super cute! It helps to have a cute baby to take pictures of too I'm sure! Love the onesies...better get them to her fast before she's checkin' up on you through this blog!
Love them!! Yep...almost makes me want to have another!! :)