Tuesday, June 30, 2009

summer evening

still messing around with some changes to the blog, right now trying to figure out how to add larger photos for your viewing pleasure.   I thought I'd share a photo from my project 365 this week. 

Monday, June 29, 2009

custom creations

In an attempt to offer a variety of photo and digital needs out there, I'm finally organizing my thoughts on another area of this website I'll be adding.  If it isn't obvious enough, I LOVE to take photographs and almost as much I LOVE to play in Photoshop.  While I know many of you don't have Photoshop or ever plan to and from time to time may want something created that requires a program like Photoshop, for a minimal charge I will be offering this service. 

Click on the following links for a sampling of what will be available, like  THIS PROJECT where I created a collage of canvas from one photo or THIS ONE where I changed 5 photos to black and white, cropped them to 12x12 and mounted them on canvas.  Or if you are wanting a photo with some selective coloring (a photo changed to black and white with some color left in it) we can make it happen.  
The possibilities are endless, just contact me and we will work out the details of what you're needing.

Also, be watching for new photo card templates to be popping up for purchase or to custom order yours.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Catching up

I was so excited to do these photos.  Tracy was on one of my very first soccer teams I coached after moving here plus she was a goalkeeper, a girl after my own heart!  I got to torture her in practice for 4 years trying everything my coaches did to me and she did it, without complaining and was always (almost always!) having fun.  So when she called for me to take her kids pictures, I was all over that!  We headed to the park and snapped away for about an hour.  Her kids are happy and energetic and it was so fun watching her interact with them.  Thanks, Tracy, for giving me a call!  

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Holly has a friend moving out of town and was invited to his birthday party this week.  While thinking of a  gift to get him we wanted to some how give him a little memory of where he spent the first 7 years of his life.  So, camera in hand, we headed out to capture some of our favorite spots around town and we think they're some of his favorite spots as well.  Using the idea behind the book "I went walking what do you see..." (a favorite around our house) every page built on the previous page plus added one.  There were 10 in all.  We hope it's a great little memory book for him (and his family).  They'll be MISSED!

I used Katie Pertiets Photo Clusters (found at Designer Digitals) to frame each photo, printed each page as a 5x7 and  used file folders to mount the photos on and create the accordion style book.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

3 months already

I got to spend a little time last week with my nieces, here's just a peek at what we did. 

Have you see this yet!

Head of to jessicasprague.com for details on an upcoming, FREE class she's offering to celebrate the their 2nd anniversary.  It's great for ANYONE who take digital pictures because its a photo editing class.  Check it out and be sure to register between June 22-28.  I'll see you there!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dusting off my sewing machine

It was time to make some end of the year gifts so I dug out my sewing machine and my Market Tote pattern (click on Market Tote for a quick link to Karlee's AWESOME  downloadable pattern!)  This pattern, HONESTLY, is really quite easy to follow.  I hadn't sewn in a LONG time up until about a year ago when I purchased this pattern and it was great!  All these fun fabrics came from Fourth Corner Quilts in Bellingham.
And I thought I'd give this little photography magazine a plug.  I think they carry it at Costco but I picked this one up at Safeway since Costco was out.  Its great for anyone who loves to take pictures but if you have a DSLR its got a lot of little snippets about what settings to use to get certains effects in your photos, etc.  

Thursday, June 4, 2009

New old friends

This was such a fun shoot to do.  These kids were a kick, FULL of personality!!! Their Mom was one of my oldest daughters Sunday School teacher before she had kids and now she's got two cuties of her own!  Thanks, you guys, for joining me at the park last week!