Saturday, November 21, 2009

Auction for Olive is open for bidding!

If you need to do some Christmas shopping or just want to help out a great family head over to Auction for Olive this week to bid on some awesome items.  I am overwhelmed by what God has done with this so far and anxious to see where it goes!   Little Olive continues to be a little fighter!  Check out their blog, for the latest on how she and her mom and dad are doing.

I've got a few items posted over there so if you were wanting to schedule a shoot with me during the next year or if you were interested in me designing a Christmas card for you, head over to the Auction blog and bid on it to help benefit Olive and her family.   You can find the free shoot and photos HERE and a free Christmas card design HERE.

You will also find a few classes generously donated by Jessica Sprague, too.  So if you haven't taken her Photo Editing class yet, you can bid on it over there!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thank you, Stan and all those who serve or have served

I thought it only appropriate to post these pictures from my shoot last month with this incredible family today, Veterans Day. Stan has been in the Navy for over 10 year and next week will start his 6th deployment. This family was so much fun to spend the day with in Seattle! When I first got the e-mail from Noel I had to read it a few times and make sure it was really from her. This is where the amazing power of the world wide web comes into play. I have stopped by Noel's blog for a long time. She take beautiful photos and is an incredible scrapbooker. She is filled with great ideas! So when she contacted me I was a little surprised. I have since learned that another wonderful scrapbooking friend of mine, Angela, sent her my way. Thanks, Angela!! So the date was set, the weather was beautiful and the photos, well, lets just say, she's got plenty to choose from!
After leaving Gas Works and heading to downtown we stopped at Dick's for a burger. It was my first time there and it didn't disappoint!
This picture is probably one of my favorites. If you would have seen who was coming down the alley by us you too would have had a hard time keeping your eyes on the camera!

After wandering through Pike's Place we ended up by the fountains and the girls got to cool off. Needless to say a FULL day in Seattle taking pictures the entire time led to LOTS of photos. I just could hardly narrow it down. I'm sure I still missed some favorites! When I was chatting with Noel later on about the day she said "I just smile thinking about that day." Me, too!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Her futures so bright

I got to hang out with Kirsten and her mom one morning at Boulevard Park. We had a great time chatting and snapping and chatting and snapping!
As much fun as I have photographing little kids, these seniors have been a fun change of pace! Thanks Kirsten for the opportunity to photography you your senior year!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Lending a hand

Many of you know of our friends, Rusty and Lynette, who are misisonaries over in Thailand. But those of you who do not know them or their story can read about if over on their blog, They've got quite a story and it isn't finished yet. One tangible way we are wanting to help is by reducing some of their medical bills which are quickly accumulating. If you are interested in helping as well head over to and find out how!