Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A new hobby...

Not that I need another thing to keep me from real life duties but it sure would make my mother proud! :)
I did take 4-H as a kid and have sewn a thing or two but it has usually been without much willingness to do so, until now! You all know I have a thing for Karlees Kreations and all the goodies over in her Etsy shop. Well, I needed a few of these market totes for gifts and was intrigued by her Market Tote Kit but REALLY did not want to even think about sewing. However, Karlee guaranteed me that it was easy and I could do it. She was right and now I'm hooked. I've made 5 so far (are you impressed, Mom?) and now my wheels are turning! Would it be so bad to hire someone to clean my house so I can play more!?!