Friday, February 29, 2008

another grid layout

This time it was for the weekly challenge over at It was a challenge which "required" us to use a (free!!) grid that LivE made. You can see it over at her blog. (Thanks, LivE!)
The only other elements I used on this page were the following fonts...century gothic (surprise, surprise), CK Ali's Writing (download it free, here!), Wing Dings 2 (for the numbers inside the circles), and the star was from the cookie cutter tool. A favorite spot of mine to look for colors is it out!


Kryna said...

Why have I never check this out before?!? Great stuff. Wow!

Jackie said...

Left some love over at Jessica's site but wanted you to know how cool this lo was...very nice way to feature your whole family

Jackie said...

Oh forgot to say how much I enjoyed the can't read it on Jessica's site but liked knowing what the pictures are :) Man did you do it???? or how do you do it????

Stacy F. from Arkansas said...

I love this layout! You do a GREAT job...the pictures are wonderful.