Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Why I scrapbook!

Love this! They asked to get their baby books down so they could look at them. They spent a long time looking through everyones.

This was for our Jessica Sprague challenge this week...using white space and a selected color palette. Thankfully Holly had chosen her own ensemble this day for our bike ride and it worked perfect for this challenge. Thanks, Holly!
Credits for this layout : Jessica Sprague Corner Rounder
Ali Edwards Playful Brushes and Font
Suddenly Spring Brushes from GValkyrie (
I had a scrapbooking overnighter this past weekend and I was highly unmotivated to paper scrap! I simply had to finish 1/2 of 2002 and I was rather crabby and felt rather uncreative about the whole thing. It felt good to get away for 27+ hours and hang out with a bunch of scrappin' buddies and just have a change of pace but I was so happy to get home and work on my laptop again!


Kryna said...

I so have to get into this stuff!

AngMomof3 said...

I've been feeling uncreative with paper too! Crazy, isn't it?

I love that your kids are looking at their books... and right in front of a natural light window perfect for a photograph! I love that my kids spend lots of time in their books too.

Can anyone do Jessica's challenges, or are they connected to her classes?

Veevs said...

Hiya Becky, hope its ok, I've added you to my blog list? Veevs x

Linda said...

Beautiful. Like I said in the JS gallery, I wish I had made this one! :D

Jackie said...

Becky I love the picture of your kids looking at their baby books