Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I'm in Deep

Digi: In Deep that is. I started taking another class over at jessicasprague.com and this was our first layout.
I will add the credit list as soon as I get it all together.


AngMomof3 said...

How exciting that you're into your next class! Have fun. I am thinking more and more about signing up for one-- probably the middle level one.

Are those all pics of the same one of your boys? A whole page for just one? That's unusual!

Becky said...

Angela, nope, it's not just 1 of my boys, it's a picture of each one of them! :) They just all had there glasses on ALL day! And, SIGN UP!!! It's AWESOME! You won't regret it.

Jackie said...

Those glasses are just too cute :)