Friday, September 25, 2009

In case you're wondering what to do with your photos!

I've had some inquires about different photo printing options. Although the photo I used is not a recent one (from our trip to the Oregon Coast 2 summers ago) it's a favorite that I never quite knew what to do with. So trying out this float wrap was the perfect idea I thought. I had it made into an 11x14 (which I now wish I would have gone bigger!) and added to a collage of frames on one of our walls in the office. I love it!
The next thing I wanted to show you is this awesome photo book. If you want to display a lot of photos in one place this is a great option for you. When this book came I was so excited! The quality and feel of it is awesome!! However, the quality of the photos below are less than awesome, I was in such a hurry to grab a few of it and then send it on it's way to it's new home. It was a birthday present for the Grandma of all these adorable kids!!

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Kathy said...

GREAT keepsake for sure! Looks awesome! I'm sure the recipient of this thinks so too!!