Sunday, January 24, 2010

My 365

Here's the deal. As the launch of Becky Higgins Digital Project Life has gotten closer she's "revealed" more and more about it. It promises to be a great product and I'm sure it will be easy to use but while I've waited for its release I've been messing around with some options of my own.

This fun calendar template is from Ali Edwards over at Designer Digitals.  I love being able to see our "month at a glance".  Below area couple weeks for my Project 365. Project Life/Photo-a-Day Project.  I've laid out my pages similar to Becky's Project 365 album last year, the pages are 12x12 (below are the full 24x12 spread)  Simple, clean, easy!  The blocky letters are also from Ali Edward/Designer Digitals.

A couple things I'm really excited about if I do go this direction is
a.) I get to keep my albums all the same size (12x12).  Becky's Project Life album will  be 8.5x11.
b.) I get to add additional pages/layouts as necessary, for "special events".  I know that's cheating and going past the 365 photos in the year but it will make my book feel a little more complete.  I think I'll like being able to add an extra layout here and there for holidays/birthday/trip. They will have the same simplicity and feel as the rest of the pages throughout the book.

Let me know what you think or if you have any other great ideas or if you've seen others that you like as well.  I love the concept of the Photo-A-Day album and am excited to do it for 2010, no matter what format the album will be.  At least they'll be in an album!


3 little and 2 big liks said...

loving it!!!!

Janice said...

I want to be you when I grow up - LOVE it!! I do love the 12x12 - I think since you have a "full sized" family you should use a full sized album :-)

Kathy said...

Some may say, "you have too much time on your hands"....I simply say, "YOU ARE GIFTED"
Love this!! Now...if you could just get me to jump on board! :)
Great job!!!

Julie said...

Love it, Becky! What font are your days of the week outlines in? I've been looking for something like that...Thanks for sharing! You're awesome.

Becky said...

Julie, the days of the week outlines are Ali Edward at Designer Digitals. I am loving her stuff! Thanks for stopping by!

Kevin said...

YOU continue to amaze me!!!!
LOVE IT!!! Wendi