Thursday, October 14, 2010

Those eyes...

...and hair! I think these guys win in the having truly blonde hair and big bright blue eyes department. Aren't they adorable!

Now these next few pictures just make me laugh. Is this not typical of how an older sister tries to "help"! :)

He starts out lookin' to mom or dad for a little help.

Not getting the help he's hoping for and getting a little frustrated.

But still performs beautifully under the pressure.

Can you believe these beauties traveled all the way from Scotland for photos! Pretty incredible, huh! Unfortunately, I can't claim that to be true. They spent the summer here and were able to fit these in before leading back home.

And because Stella had an adorable tutu and a birthday, we quick did a few of these fun shots.

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Kryna said...

Very very cute! Love it!