Monday, January 17, 2011

A little help is always appreciated

Usually, when I'm out shooting a large group, I take my friend, Wendi along. She does almost anything to make sure everyone is looking good and well, just looking! Since I was photographing her family she found someone else to help me this night. Isn't he cute? And he even made everyone laugh, too!

His friends were really friendly, too. Maybe just a little too friendly!

It was a beautiful night to photograph this beautiful family and I was thankful for the extra help.


Emily said...

LOVE the picture of Mama Bear Kristi protecting her cubs. :-) Beautiful pics, Beck!

Anonymous said...

i still wish i had my camera in hand to get the photo of the donkey following YOU! that was just as funny!!! wendi

Anonymous said...

Love the family, loved the new helper, loved the photo's! Too funny!

our sweet life said...

he's cute but not as cute as wendi ;)