Sunday, March 6, 2011

Project Life Round 2 is in the Books...Literally!

Two days ago the brown truck brought a much anticipated box from Shutterfly with these in it. I finally finished my Project Life album(s) for 2010. These 2 books hold a year full of memories one day, one week, one month at a time. This whole process has given me a sense of accomplishment and a better look at how I want to capture my families memories and also organize those memories for my kids.  I'm learning that I really want a system that 1.) gets my photos into print for everyone to enjoy  and 2.) are organized in some way.

2010 is the second year I've done a photo-a-day.  For a little history on how I got started with this there's a few posts you can click on to see that.   You can see our 2009 book by clicking HERE.  This was the first year Becky Higgins offered this album and I was quick to order one, anxious to start  "scrapbooking" in this way.  In 2010 she offered a digital album as well as the original style but I chose to come up with my own template in Photoshop.  Click HERE to see a post on why I chose to go this direction.

Page #1 of the Book #1.

Page #2 of Book #2.

Last page of book #1.

Last page of book #2 including one of my new favorite sayings "Capture Life".

Every month begins with one full page photo and then a "month at a glance". (these calendars are by Ali Edwards and available at Designer Digitals)

Everyone in our family has one BIG picture of them and then there are family photos and also a few of the kids together.

One of our "typical" weeks.

Yes, it is possible to stick to a photo-a-day for a vacation. (however, I have been creating vacations albums, too)

One key for me is to keep on top of choosing my photo and labeling them. Every few days I make sure I go through my photos and pick out the photo that will be for that specific day. I have a file on my computer labeled Project Life 2010 (or now 2011) and when I choose my photo for that specific day I "save as" and name it that date. At the end of June and the end of December I save them to another spot (I also save the periodically throughout the year to and external hard drive or on-line to make sure I always have them save in 2 different places at all times).

Do I ever have more than one photo for the day?
Yes, sometimes I just can't decide so I save 2 or 3 or 5. :) I may not use it but it's there amongst my other "favorites". Or if there happens to be a day I don't have a photo, I either forget or just didn't get one, I can use one of the extras'

As you can see this is something I LOVE and has worked for me.  Head over to Becky Higgins's blog to see how easy it really can be.  You can do a month at a time, too.  It doesn't have to be a photo a day.  Her video on March 3 got me all excited to go back to the years I don't have in books yet and just give a year in review, month by month.  It's something everyone can do!  So who's on board?  How many of you are doing this?!?


Wubben World said...

I'm in, I'm in....and it's really fun!! Thanks for inspiring me. I still have a long way to go to be "you" in terms of taking and organizing my pictures, but at least I am managing my Project 365 so far. Can't wait to see this book in person. Looks awesome!

Juliet Kraal said...

Okay, I've been wanting to do this for years - isn't that AWEFUL!?!?! You've inspired me. I'm jumping on board. Thanks for the resource tips and organization ideas! Love your work!

Kryna said...

Love it! You are doing an amazing job, great pics! Your kids will thank you forever! (well maybe in years to come:)

Kevin said...

VERY COOL!!! Its even better in real life! You continue to amaze AND inspire me. Thanks my friend!

oneblessedmama said...

a.m.a.z.i.n.g!! you rocked it, again!! can't wait to see it!!
i'm officially inspired!!! (you'll be happy to know, i'm current. :))

our sweet life said...

oh, my next life i want to BE YOU!!!

Melissa said...

What a cool mom you are, Becky! Your kids will treasure these books!

AngMomof3 said...

I really love your template, Becky! Willing to sell it? :) I want to do this next year... or maybe I could look back and find a way to make this year work? (Jan and Feb are my lightest photo months... not sure I'd have one for every day.)

You label your photos by day... do you tag them too so that you can find shots easier (I find my photos based chrono and title)? If you do tag photos, what tags have you found most useful?

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Becky! crazy timing, I came across your blog today, and saw this posting... I started taking pictures Jan. 1st to do the Project 365 and was planning on doing Becky Higgin's digital version.. I've been keeping up with the pictures but have yet to start the book. Then I came across this today, I love your layout so much better! I like the option of full page layouts for more pictures... You are so talented! I'm feeling so overwhelmed but am going to give it a shot... just curious, do you ever offer classes?
Thanks for your advice!!
Kelly VK aka "Alli's mom" :)

Becky said...

You guys are so great! THANK YOU for all the great feedback and comments. Angela, I'll send you a message. :) And "Ali's Mom", your phone number even made one of my photos of the day. :) How cool you came across this post and even COOLER that you're starting this! I did my layout in Photoshop and I have done Photoshop classes in the past. E-mail me at and I can run a few options by you if you're interested.

kkeppel said...


I have been looking at digital book but having trouble finding the right look for me. I love your template!! Would you be willing to sell it? I have photoshop.


Becky said...

Hi Kathy, E-mail me at regarding purchasing the template. Thanks! Becky