Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's The End

At the end of the school year there's soooooo much stuff that comes home and it can get a little overwhelming. I had a couple of my favorite teachers tell me, with smirks on their faces, that they let the kids dig through their paper piles and take whatever they want home to help them "clean out". I told them I didn't think it was very funny because knowing my sweet children they were helping themselves to plenty of those "goodies".  But one of my favorites things that comes home is a HUGE file filled with art work from the past year.  As much as I love it all I never know quite what to do with all of it.  I usually save a couple favorites and then discretely try to dispose of the rest.  I have often thought of photographing each piece and someday doing something with the photographs but never do.   So this year, this is what I'm doing.  Here's Kid #1 and his art from his folder.  I'm hoping to get the rest done in the next day or so.

What do you do with all the paper and art work that comes home with your kids?


Wubben World said...

Love love love this photo idea...I for one keep it ALL...Call me crazy!! I may just have to copy this much easier and takes up a whole lot less space!!

Janice said...

I've done this before! No room to keep all the projects, but plenty of room for a picture of the projects!!!