Monday, July 11, 2011


Sunday is a day of rest. We all have different thoughts on what that might be but one thing I have made a point of doing recently is not doing any work related stuff on my computer. I would never get my own personal stuff done if I didn't carve out some time to do it. So, Sundays are my day to play! Here's a look at what I finally have going for this years Project 365. I have all my photos for each day saved but I couldn't come up with the look that I wanted. Today was the day and I got a bunch done....hurray! My original hope was to design a layout I loved and al the elements to go along with it. Time has not been on my side so I went to where I always do when I'm stuck, Ali Edwards designs over at Designer Digitals.  I'm keeping things rather simple this year.  I'm looking at photos from the week rather than focusing on getting one each day.  It just doesn't happen all the time and I usually end up with several from one day that I love and none on another day so.  I'm also just journaling in one box, summarizing the week rather than separate boxes for each day.  I never journal much anyway so that will work out great.  The two items I picked up today to use are the Remember This and That Paper Collection and the Remember This and That Element Collection.  Click HERE for a look at last years book and click HERE for the year before.

If you are working on a Project 365, how is your book coming?


3 little and 2 big liks said...

loves great beck!!
my book' along fine.

Wubben World said...

love love love....
my book is still coming along.
at least I have all my pictures...WAY TOO many to choose from but that's a different problem all together!