Tuesday, January 22, 2008

In Class

I'm taking this awesome on-line class right now from Jessica Sprague. This layout is not my usual style but was so much fun to do. I am learning lots of fun techniques and new ways to do some things. I love this kind of class! :)

Here's one more variation I did tonight.


Christine said...

I saw this layout in the gallery today and thought you did an awesome job on it. The picture is just beautiful and I loved how you revealed the color of the jeans. I am in your class too and hope to finish my layout tonight. I am so looking forward to everything I am going to learn in this class. Already I have been blown away.

Becky said...

Hi christine, I tried to find a way to e-mail you but no success, yet! Thanks for you kind comments. I, too, am very excited about this class!

Kathy said...

Looks like a fun class! How did you stumble across this? Looks like you're learning some great things!! Keep up the great work! You inspire me for sure!!

Jackie said...

Very cool lo's...love the one of them running on the beach...Who did the smocking for your little girls dress???