Friday, January 4, 2008

Still rollin' on my layouts

Here's a few more!Going digital has meant a lot less "material" and just using Photoshop and the elements within the program. There are a lot of scrapbook paper and embellishments available to download but simple and clean are good right now.


AngMomof3 said...

Good point! Clean and simple is really beautiful, Becky... I didn't even notice they weren't all embellished up. You inspire me to just get going and not worry about needing all kinds of matching embellishments. (Just finished installing PSE software... ready to play!)

P.S. So sad I didn't get to see you last week-- we had kids head into a tailspin of fevers, coughing, etc. right after I talked to you. We're still sick! Maybe next time-- or like you say, via these moments of chat!

Wubben World said...

You are cruisin'....great picture/layouts!! Makes me want to go out and pick some more!!!
When you're all caught up - how much do you charge to finish mine ;)