Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pick Me, Pick Me & More Project 365

Over at some new classes are starting up, one of those classes is a photo editing class and she's giving away a class each day for the next 3 days, just check her blog for details.  Today she asked us to post one of our favorite photos we've ever taken.  Well, Jess, here's mine!  This was taken almost 5 years ago after the boys got their first pair of ears at Walt Disney World.  But the best part of the picture isn't actually visible.  Everyone always asks how we got them all to look and smile.  What you don't see is my husband running and jumping around making silly faces getting them all to smile and laugh.  And most of our other photos of all our kids together have been a team effort as well.   I have been using different ideas I've seen others using with this kit as well as finding some things that work good for me.  For example, on the KOTM blog they had a suggestion if you had a vertical photo you could use 2 of the 4x6 slots.  So in Photoshop I made the photo into a 6x8 and then "cut" in into 2 4x6's.  Then I was realizing I wasn't getting to many photos of myself (which is fine with me) since I'm the one usually taking the photos.  But my kids and I were messing around with PhotoBooth on my Mac so I decided to use one of those.  I am loving these according folded journaling cards, too.  At first I wasn't sure  I'd use very many of them, now I'm using them each week about.  I saw a suggestion on Becky Higgins blog I think about making the photos smaller and putting them on the cards.  This was a day that my boys had a well-check and then we hit our usual errand spots that I thought would be fun to document.  And what about all the school projects?  Take a photo of your kids holding them.  One of my girls made this fun little "George Washington" wig in school and then came home and was searching the internet to figure out what number  President he was.  

And for some reason, I always take pictures of my kids on the phone.  Maybe it's because we have a lot of family living out of town and I love to capture their expression when they're telling stories or when they hear the other persons voice.  Here, one of my boys is talking to their babysitter who moved away to nanny for a family with brand new baby girl triplets and he was so excited to hear from her.

If you are doing Project 365 and have some ideas posted on your blog, post a link in the comments.  I'd love to see what you're doing, too!


M,D,E said...

Hello, I found your picture link from Jessica Sprague's photo editing class posts and am absolutely impressed with your photographs and scrapbook pages. I'm new to Digiscrapping; in fact i havent even created one page but looking forward to creating very soon. I intend to sign up for the photo editing class...could/would you recommend any other courses/classes? Thanks for your time. -Monica

AngMomof3 said...

Hey Beck-- you do have an amazing photo there! I think I've seen it before and was amazed at smiles and front facing five faces!!! Send you husband my way, he's gotta think it's easier with only three.

Your Project 365 is looking so great--nice work in keeping up with more than just taking the photos.

AngMomof3 said...

Hey fellow big loser. I'm still considering doing Scrapbook Alchemy. Let me know if you decide to sign up for it!

3 little and 2 big liks said...

you rock!
i can't wait to see the latest in the book.
missed you last night. thanks for letting me 'chat about the inside scoop'though. :)

tami said...

Hi Becky- Melinda K told me about your blog. It is really cute with all your cute kiddos.
I don't do the 365, I blog frequently instead. So it is almost a picture everyday. I recently went to Blurb and slurped my blog. I am thrilled with the results. The preview is on my sidebar. The blurb post is Feb 18th. Anyway, it would be a great way to save the 365 project. Put the pics on a blog and slurp using BookSmart. Insto facto, fed ex brings the book!

Ashley said...

Hi Becky- I heard about your blog from a friend, so I thought I would check it out. May I just say that you are way too creative and I don't know how you find the time! I was actually wanting to ask you what kind of camera you have? I know you take pictures for people, and they look so good. We are looking into getting a camera so I can take pictures of our kids myself, and I'm trying to decide which on to get. I just can't seem to find the time to make it in to get their pictures taken...I'm sure you can relate! My email address is or my blog is if you could let me know! Thanks so much!

Ashley Seigman

Janice said...

Hi Becky! I just found your blog via the Auction stuff for school! Great blog - I've added you to my list! I think I'm going to have to bid on your item! I so need to learn PSE - I own it - just don't know it! My blog is