Sunday, February 1, 2009

To answer a few questions

1.)  Yes, I am typing my journaling on the journaling cards.  I have "a thing" with my handwriting and try as I might, I still don't like it throughout a whole book. I  end up redoing more than I should.  A while ago, Becky Higgins posted some free downloads (you'll have to scroll down to the January 10th post).  These are great for those who didn't get the kit or to use in addition to the kit.  I downloaded those as my "template" to use in Photoshop for my journaling cards.  I just hid the background when I was ready to print since I'm using the cards that came with my kit.  But you could make it easier and just use the downloads she gave and print those on cardstock.  You could also just create a new 3x4 inch document and type your journaling in the box, being aware of what card your using and where the graphics are.  Mine do not match up perfectly on the lines each time but that's okay, it's better than handwriting them! :)  Make sure to set up your printer for the size card your using, 3x4.  I'm able to adjust my feed tray on the top of my printer, too, so the card just slips in and I can print.   

2.)  I take more vertical pictures than I realized.  The kit is set up for mostly horizontal pictures and I've come up with a couple solutions for my vertical pictures.  The first thing I did was made a 4x6 inch template in Photoshop with two 3x4 clipping masks.  I drop each photo in and clip it to the mask and I can get 2 photos on a 4x6 print.   Also, there are 8 pockets on the bottom for journaling so some weeks I use the extra cards that came with the kit as filler but more often I add another photo, using the same template to create a 3x4 inch picture.  I then cut it in half after I get it developed and slip it in the smaller pocket.  

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Kathy said...

You really are a genius aren't you??
One question though...does wearing dark glasses help Eric play Rock Band better?