Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A birthday and a contest!

He's the big brother who LOVED posing for my  camera.  I LOVE those kinds of kids!!!

Baby J is the birthday boy! Don't you love his blue eyes!!

He wasn't quite sure he wanted to use his fingers to eat his make but Dora and Boots make it a little easier.

And now for the contest!  I've switched pages over on Facebook, from a traditional page to a business page.  As soon as I reach 100 "fans" we'll draw a winner.  And that winner gets to choose one of the following.

A very fun, NO SEW, tote bag  similar to the one above (I made this one last night at a great ladies night at a local church so some of you have already made your own) or....

a box of Cake Pops (made for our school fun night this past weekend).  This recipe is found over at Bakerella.  Mia and I have not reached Cake Boss status yet but we had fun making these and they're pretty yummy!   Who knows, if we get more fans, there may be another contest with BIGGER prizes!

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