Thursday, March 4, 2010

The winter that wasn't

For those of us in the Pacific Northwest the day back in December when this photo was taken was about the only snow we had all year and today the sun is popping out and the temps are threatening to warm up again.

But there's a couple fun things about this picture that I want to share with you because it proves that family pictures do not have to be a hard, painful, experience.  :)

1.) Impulsive, quick shoots are good! Gary, Michelle and Marissa had literally arrived home from the airport less than a half an hour before we took this picture.
2.) A shoot doesn't have to last a long time! We were done in less than 10 minutes and got a fun family picture.  Plus, the snow was starting to turn slushy and our window of opportunity was quickly escaping.
3.) Tell the photographer what YOU want!  Michelle has been saving this red chair for THIS day, a day with snow on the ground and in the trees, so we could throw it outside and do a fun family shoot on it.
4.) Call today to schedule your shoot! Whether it's for your kids or your whole family, I'm scheduling for spring and summer and would love to hear from you! (

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